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We are proud to play a part in driving the concordat forward at a local level.
The charity Mind has agreed to hold regional events for health and criminal justice staff to encourage them to support the concordat.
Architect of the agreements with Bavaria (1924) and Prussia (1929) that opened the way to the concordat between the Holy See and the Third Reich (1933), Pacelli remained tied to a "conciliatory" vision, convinced that there was no viable alternative to the imposition of and respect for the rules of the concordat and public silence in the face of oppression.
Professor Dame Wendy Hall DBE FREng FRS, Chair of the Engineering Diversity Concordat said: The ultimate goal of the concordat is to ensure our profession and its institutions continue to thrive both now and in the future.
Yet Cardinal Pacelli justified the concordat on the grounds that he had to face the reality of the Nazi regime and gain diplomatic leverage with a signed document, for if the German government violated the concordat, Ivone reported, then "the Vatican would have at least a treaty on which to base a protest.
The concordat allowed the faithful to make donations to the Church, after a period when this civil right, after the Revolution, had been canceled.
Provisions of the concordat -known as the Lateran Treaty - were incorporated into the 1947 constitution.
The concordat sets out a framework for agreement between the promoters of the proposition, the city's Image Working Group, and companies and organisations that agree to promote and use the Be Inventive proposition in their own business.
The spokesman added: "We had every reason to believe the policy could be delivered through the concordat.
Is there something deeper to this, namely that, after the Second World War and especially after the Second Vatican Council, the concordat may have become an obsolete instrument in regulating the relationships between Church and state?
Hitler, however, sought through the Concordat to abolish Germany's Catholic political and social associations--more or less any form of Catholic communal activity from newspapers to sewing circles.
Last night, Liverpool City Council leader Warren Bradley pledged to push for the other five councils in the city region to endorse the concordat to use local providers where possible.
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