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As the craft neared the building, and just before she struck, the Martian warriors swarmed upon her from the windows, and with their great spears eased the shock of the collision, and in a few moments they had thrown out grappling hooks and the big boat was being hauled to ground by their fellows below.
After the last load had been removed the warriors made lines fast to the craft and towed her far out into the valley in a southwesterly direction.
The night was really terrible; it would be a miracle if the craft did not founder.
Carthoris' improvement upon this consisted of an auxiliary device which steered the craft mechanically in the direction of the compass, and upon arrival directly over the point for which the compass was set, brought the craft to a standstill and lowered it, also automatically, to the ground.
In aggravated cases, that is when the obstructions are many, or of such a nature as to deflect the bow more than forty-five degrees in any direction, or when the craft has reached its destination and dropped to within a hundred yards of the ground, the mechanism brings her to a full stop, at the same time sounding a loud alarm which will instantly awaken the pilot.
We heard a loud explosion apparently directly above us; the craft trembled to the shock which threw us all to the deck.
It really was a violent storm, approaching a hurricane in force, and at one time it seemed as though the craft, having been heeled far over under a staggering wave that swept her decks, would not come back to an even keel.
When she came to the surface again it was to find herself as far from shore as she had been when she first quitted the prahu, but the craft was now circling far below her, and she set out once again to retrace her way toward the inky mass of shore line which loomed apparently near and yet, as she knew, was some considerable distance from her.
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Royal Care The Omani Craft Sector has witnessed during the first decade following the establishment of the PACI a record growth and a qualitative leap in various areas of craft work and performance inside the Sultanate to meet the royal vision of HM Sultan Qaboos Bin Said, May Allah keep and protect Him, emphasizing on the importance of maintaining the craft legacies and promoting the self-motivation to perform such craft works.
The craft subsidy is one of the major projects implemented to promote craft industries in the Sultanate.
I get a lot of calls from investment analysts,'' said Sandra Ghezzi, vice president of marketing, member services and education for the Craft & Hobby Association.