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In the Spring 97 " edition, the NCO Journal printed a story on the Creed based on IMCEN's information.
An NCO subcommittee's first drafts did not make it through the Infantry Center's editors, and they rewrote the Creed numerous times.
The General Instruction of the Roman Missal, the official guideline for the Mass, lists few requirements for the Creed, only that it is to be sung or said by the entire congregation--priest and people--on Sundays (as well as at other appropriate liturgies), it can be said or sung either all together or in two parts responding to each other.
Perhaps just as important, next time you find yourself at Mass thoughtlessly droning through the Creed, remember you are doing something scandalous and provocative when you join in the words, "We believe in one God.
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This service, which allows clients to choose fragrances from the Creed portfolio and have them blended according to their personal tastes and desires, is already available in the Creed Galleries for approximately $1000.
By deleting the word men from the Creed, Appleby is no better than the heretics he condemns.
It called for the congregation to join the priest in the recital of the Creed as an opportunity for the people "to respond and give assent to the word of God which they have heard.
Pelikan's study Credo is especially worthy because the author's thoughts are founded on many references to the creeds and confessions of many churches.
To plan road trips and vacations, the Creeds have two programs that can get even the most misdirected travelers to their destination safely.