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The defector estimated that 10 to 15 of these mobile laboratories had been constructed.
The paper said: "Officials declined to discuss the whereabouts of the defectors, or details regarding the methods used to approach them.
This changing composition of the defector community has not escaped the attention of South Korean officials and analysts, and the political utility of defectors has fallen.
The defector, who uses the pseudonym Kenki Aoyama, was to testify on North Korea's abductions of Japanese nationals and development of nuclear weapons and missiles, the lawmakers said.
The defector also identified a string of sites in Iraq where chemical and biological weapons are designed, built and tested and another site where nuclear weapons are being developed.
The defector says Iraq's chemical and biological weapons research is being directed by a chemist and secret service agent, identified as Shaher Mahmoud al Jibouri.
Al Tellez, an editor for CBS News, said the network "expected the CIA to say" that the defector was lying.
The defector, calling himself Ahmad Behbahani, claimed he was involved in Iranian terrorism for more than a decade before fleeing to Turkey.
The defector did have specifics about arms and communications caches left in Belgium and Switzerland, however, and authorities found those where he said they were.
At the time the paper's contest began, the defector count was at four.
The defector was a researcher at the physics center in the State Academy of Sciences in Pyongyang, the report said.
Worse, if the defector was given an inducement fee to decamp.