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The defector estimated that 10 to 15 of these mobile laboratories had been constructed.
The paper said: "Officials declined to discuss the whereabouts of the defectors, or details regarding the methods used to approach them.
This changing composition of the defector community has not escaped the attention of South Korean officials and analysts, and the political utility of defectors has fallen.
The defector, who uses the pseudonym Kenki Aoyama, was to testify on North Korea's abductions of Japanese nationals and development of nuclear weapons and missiles, the lawmakers said.
The defector also identified a string of sites in Iraq where chemical and biological weapons are designed, built and tested and another site where nuclear weapons are being developed.
But an Iranian dissident journalist said the defector was using an assumed name.
The defector did have specifics about arms and communications caches left in Belgium and Switzerland, however, and authorities found those where he said they were.
The Daily Telegraph of Britain reported last week that the opposition Green Movement has catalogued the 70-year-old Supreme Leader's tastes from accounts of the defector, who is said to be in hiding in France.
de Toledano interviewed Gouzenko in 1953, the defector told him that he had "positive knowledge" of eight uncovered espionage groups in America, including high-level moles.
At a meeting of a Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ) project team on North Korean issues on Wednesday, the defector said Kanemaru received the gold from the communist North, citing the fact that the metal did not bear hallmarks.
The defector claimed to have masterminded the 1988 bombing of the PanAm jet over Lockerbie.
The defector, who identified himself as Ahmad Behbahani, told CBS News in the US that he was an intelligence official involved in Iranian terrorism operations for more than a decade before fleeing to Turkey.