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BEIRUT: Bsharri MP Elie Keyrouz said Sunday that the downfall of Syrian President Bashar Assad's regime is "almost certain," the National News Agency reported.
Summary: England have started their homework already as they plot the downfall of Sri Lanka in Thursday's ICC World Twenty20 semi-final.
When he too began to inform, a ballad, The Downfall of Hagan, began circulating to much acclaim by the outraged residents of the town.
The public relations firm that is supporting Shraiber's lawsuit, called "We Create Sensations," argues that evolution is a scientific theory that is bringing about the downfall of societies.
Gerard Houllier's UEFA Cup victory, next season second in the League and then the downfall.
95) enjoys lively drawings by Stephen Gammell as it tells of mutant slime which nearly proves the downfall of a young scientist.
Younger readers will enjoy Jennifer's meteoric rise and the downfall of evil (as represented by the cheating ultra-snob actress wannabe).
Some would think that these mammals caused the downfall of the dinosaurs, but the fossil record suggests a very different scenario.
As I sit here in federal prison on charges of liberating mink from fur farms in the wild--taking my food through a slot in the door and friendships through the mail--I cannot help but reflect on the role Thrasher played in all of this, in the evolution of my consciousness and also the downfall of my freedom.
At the end, it is clear the film does not simply record the downfall of Hitler.
Australian coach Eddie Jones is hoping his old mate Scott Johnson will not plot the downfall of the Wallabies on Saturday.
With Julia Jentsch in the title role, it's the stirring story of the last six days of the only woman member of the White Rose, a passive resistance movement dedicated to the downfall of the Third Reich.