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The petitioner contended that the attitude of the Establishment Division amounted to the contempt of court as it had backtracked from the assurance it had earlier made before the court.
Gary Hart, "If you are a member of the establishment and you suggest more than five degrees rudder change in anything, you cease to be a member of the establishment.
Without the proper receipt or validation, the establishment is authorized to charge the customers P500 for the use of the parking facilities, the bill provides.
During the 1990s expansion, both the employment share and the establishment share shifted from small businesses to medium- and large-sized businesses, but during the 2000s expansion, the employment share in the smallest businesses was constant and the relative share of businesses classified in the smallest size category increased.
Also, IPP are to inform establishment management that if it finds that this general plan is suitable for its needs, the establishment can use the general plan as its food defense plan.
Trends in the aggregate and sectoral distributions of firms and employees across firms generally conform to trends at the establishment level.
The establishment of a new taxable entity, its business year and its method of depreciation must be reported to the National Tax Administration Agency for purposes of the national juridical persons' tax (Corporation Tax) within two months of incorporation.
The probability of the establishment receiving a total of k citations in n inspections would be given by the binomial distribution:
When I ask him what the establishment is doing to stop Dean, Reed grimaces slightly, as if he's just taken a sip of castor oil.
9th Circuit Court of Appeals held that it violated the establishment clause of the First Amendment to have children in public schools recite the words "under God" in the Pledge of Allegiance.
Identifying the Establishment From Which Services Are Supplied