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Sensitivity (percentage of true alarms) was calculated from the fall data, and specificity (percentage of false alarms) was calculated from the ADL data.
To keep living standard (Y/P) constant, productivity (Y/L) must rise to offset the fall in labor participation.
Kierkegaard's retelling of the Fall as a "leap" and his redescription of the state of innocence as "anxiety" about unknown potentialities, then, address a large area of concern for readers of Milton, specifically by undermining an identification of innocence with complete freedom and sin with fully intentional action.
You can see things in the fall that are obscured by the summer leaves that cover every live twig and branch.
forage the fall forest and race above the color with an unprecedented view of the highest peaks in the East.
Interestingly, labor discretionary earnings and savings could even rise because of the fall in the dependency ratio, which is the nonworking population (those under 14 and over 65 years old) divided by the working population (ages 15-64).
Research done in a university biometrics laboratory had shown that cushioning the fall of an elderly individual can reduce the forces typically associated with fracture of a hip or wrist.
He suggests adding organic fertilizer to the soil because it will get microorganisms going that will help your plants take root in the fall.
Most recently, the members of the Fall Prevention Committee custom-designed a fall risk assessment tool with associated protocols tailored to our geriatric population (Figure).
The time and place of the fall prompted the first serious studies by scientists and astronomers in Italy and England, she maintains.
Texas Hill Country: The Lone Star State's Hill Country doubles as wine country, where travelers can explore the wineries and vineyards of this central Texas region during the fall crush season.
Along with an Incident/Accident log, we had a report that showed, within a progressive daily format, time of fall, shift on duty, name of resident, description of occurrence, the type of injury (if there was an injury), where the fall occurred and whether or not there was a fracture.