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My dear Frederick,' returned the Father of the Marshalsea, 'do you think you are sufficiently careful of yourself?
But it is of no use saying yes, yes, my dear Frederick,' the Father of the Marshalsea in his mild wisdom persisted, 'unless you act on that assent.
My dear fellow,' said the Father of the Marshalsea, laying his hand upon his shoulder, and mildly rallying him--mildly, because of his weakness, poor dear soul; 'you said that before, and it does not express much, Frederick, even if it means much.
The time had been when the Father himself had wept, in the shades of that yard, as his own poor wife had wept.
The Father of the Marshalsea showed the amiable solicitude of a superior being that he should come to no harm.
Being conversational, and in a reasonable flow of spirits, he then invited her attention to his coat as it hung behind the door: remarking that the Father of the place would set an indifferent example to his children, already disposed to be slovenly, if he went among them out at elbows.
Both the private father and the Father of the Marshalsea were strong within him then.
With these words, the father, who had been arranging his cravat in the glass, while he uttered them in a disconnected careless manner, withdrew, humming a tune as he went.
As a result, they may place little importance on the father role and think that fathers have few duties or responsibilities to their children, where their interpretation of "fatherhood," based on their experiences with their father, would be reflected in less favorable attitudes toward fatherhood.
While giving virtually full credence to her allegations of physical abuse by her former husband, the article doesn't mention that after the divorce the father initially had custody of the children nearly half the time and was never accused of abusing them, or that Schockome defied numerous court orders and quit a high-paying job in an apparent attempt to avoid child support payments.
First, the fundamental problem is in losing sight of the subject of the plot: the father.
The father told the agency he had no concerns for his daughter's safety as his son had not resided in his home with his half-sister since December of 2005 and that he was not about to reside in the same residence as his daughter because of his mental health problems.