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A car lies on its side after the garden wall crash in Reservoir Road, Oldbury
The garden wall and a hedge were demolished by the crash.
The espalier fruit trees on the garden walls, with their horizontally trained branches, add further to the formality, whilst the soil in all the geometric beds and borders shows a darker shade of brown, almost black where we have mulched the surface with compost.
You took the garden wall out and you might have thought that would be sufficient to bring the car to a halt, but it carries on and crashes through the window.
Henry had pleaded guilty on the basis the dog had been in his garden, but District Judge Richard Clancy said witness statements claimed the dog had jumped over the garden wall.
The garden wall will be built along the line of the existing conifer hedge at the southern end of the nursery complex, which will be cut down.
The garden wall was taken down last week as part of work by Mr Swan's company to demolish three derelict garages which adjoin Mr and Mrs Charlton's home.
The accident has also infuriated the owner of the garden wall,Alan Tryner.
A car demolished the garden wall of a house after a collision in Birmingham yesterday.