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Mr Swan says he told Mr Charlton that he intended removing the garden wall before he took it down.
It then smashed through the garden wall and stopped yards from the house.
On the other side of the garden wall, the villagers sang, too.
But a Cleveland Police spokeswoman could not say whether one or both of the cars had crashed into the garden wall, which surrounds the property on the corner of Cambridge Road and Thornfield Grove.
He hit the bollards, the lampposts and the parked car then finally careered into the garden wall.
SMASH: The black MG after crashing through the garden wall
The garden wall will be built along the line of the existing conifer hedge at the southern end of the nursery complex, which will be cut down.
A car demolished the garden wall of a house after a collision in Birmingham yesterday.
1995-1996: The garden wall of the house now owned by Mrs Morgan and Mr Farr was destroyed three times in 18 months.
The 15-year-old was walking in an alley behind a terrace of houses when the garden wall toppled.
The Vauxhall Vectra smashed through the garden wall of the property from the A177 Durham Road behind, shattering the glass in a patio door at the back of the house.
Continue past the garden wall, now on your left and turn right, opposite the wall.