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Those who view religion as outdated or irrelevant would do well to listen to the Holy Father, and as well as watch the hundreds of thousands of people gathered everywhere he goes.
And when folks don't act exactly the way we are politically or ecclesially disposed to act ourselves--even when it is the Holy Father, or especially when it is the Holy Father--it is almost always a good idea, one might even say a Christian idea, not to presume the worst and jump to a personal attack on the person's motives and character.
I pointed out that the Holy Father had called the cardinals to Rome "to present their ideas for a new evangelization," which means finding new ways to bring people the Good News.
Primate of All-Ireland Dr Brady said: "A special message from the Holy Father has been requested for the occasion and is eagerly awaited.
During their meeting, the Holy Father and the President discussed a number of topics of common interest to the Holy See and the United States of America, including moral and religious considerations to which both parties are committed: the respect of the dignity of the human person; the defense and promotion of life, matrimony and the family; the education of future generations; human rights and religious freedom; sustainable development and the struggle against poverty and pandemics, especially in Africa.
In Ephesus the Holy Father mentioned the murder of Father Andrea Santoro earlier in the year.
The Holy Father, some conclude, is out of step with the modern world.
These attacks on the Holy Father propagate false and uninformed accusations of Church intolerance while spreading an anti-Catholic message of hate.
The Holy Father took up the challenge in his reply of September 8, a reply which, as we know, reverberated in Canada from coast to coast.
For his more than twenty years in the papacy, the Holy Father has made his voice heard throughout the world in defense of faith, life and family.
Finally came the opportunity to see the Holy Father.