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By understanding the difference between the two, physicians may be able to emerge from the inevitable transformation in the current health care system, with their morale in tact, if not their status.
He also dispels the myth of the inevitable midlife crisis and describes what he deems the "inner push" that drives middle-aged and older people to seek out new, enriching life experiences and relationships.
Focusing each chapter around individual cases, however, raises the inevitable question of typicality.
In the inevitable back-and-forth that follows, we recommend that couples not use the following lines: "Let's wait until we can do it in New York State," "Let's wait until your mother dies," or "If you really loved me, you'd be down on your good knee right now.
Opposition to globalization would rob poor countries of this opportunity, with the inevitable implication that they would become even poorer.
When continued frailty and comorbidities lead to the inevitable mishap, will the family remember that it was a part of their decision to ignore the community's ability to provide adequate care?
Or, is this leaner, meaner building evidence of the inevitable evolution that a previously tight-knit partnership has experienced through the influence of an increasingly broad group of design associates?
9) Some courts require a finding of bad faith on the part of the defendant or a showing of irreparable harm by the plaintiff before granting injunctive relief, while others merely require the inevitable disclosure or use of the plaintiff's trade secret.
The next and final chapter builds on this analysis by exploring the inevitable internalization and "aesthetization" of utopian politics as the "experience of defeat" sets in after the Restoration.
An Australian team of eye experts claims a simple injection of the gel into the lens of middle-aged people could prevent the inevitable onset of sight deterioration.

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