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Even the phrase 'I old ube the next Obamac ' will truncate the last word, because the string width is exactly the same, because all the same characters are being used.
I'm delighted that the Last Word is going from strength to strength and I don't envisage any approaches from TV3.
It was a case in which Rome got the last word, maybe by default, but definitely not by design.
We refuse to let out-of-town publications get the last word.
I don't think the last word has been said yet about the process,'' Feuer said.
Fortunately, the 9th Circuit doesn't have the last word.
With every new twist on compromising situations and new angle on hidden cameras, producers will seek insurers for the last word on coverage.
But we always said 'best picture makes it,' and the managing editor has the last word.
Published by the Archaeological Institute of America (AIA), Archaeology brings its 600,000 readers the last word on the long-gone.
Exciting new programming beginning March 1st includes The Last Word with Jim Rome, Goin' Deep with Chris Myers, Hardcore Baseball and the debut of Sports Geniuses on March 27th.
THE last words of Jo Cox were "no, my pain is too much", the father of the MP's assistant has said.
Readers will be glad these aren't the last words from this talented author.