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After the announcement of his resignation Dunphy said: "What can I say about The Last Word that hasn't been said already?
The problem is that the message app thinks the phrase will fit in a one line bubble, but it actually puts the last word on a hidden second line.
But, at least on Friday, the Ducks had the last word as Kariya's star replacement, Sergei Fedorov, scored with 45 seconds left in the third period and Niclas Havelid scored with 1:21 left in overtime for a shocking 4-3 Ducks victory in front of 17,174 at the Pond.
I have peered into the future, and can tell you that the last word ever spoken will in fact be "crenellated.
We never allowed the homophobes we met to get the last word.
Instead of cozily sized, determinedly modernist paintings selected by one curator, the second act, chosen by a squadron led by now former Whitneyite Lisa Phillips, includes everything from a barnful of canvases by the AbExers short-shrifted in Part I to the last word in installation.
But perhaps the last word belongs to Isaiah 58:6-7, 10.
She's offered a job by the crass station manager (Jason Kravitz) to the dismay of the drearily serious, conservative commentators, but of course it's no contest as to who will get the last word.
She has announced her imminent departure from Westminster and I wish her all the best and a very happy retirement - from someone who never gets the last word in.
With these four, Rome would never get the last word in anyway on this ``Politically Incorrect'' format extravaganza that kicks off tonight.
But I'm working on the Last Word at the moment and I wouldn't expect any other broadcasting commitments in the foreseeable future.
For millions of Americans who grew up in the boom days of television, James Dean and The Fonz are still the last word in cool.