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But Ian had much more to cope with playing Marc 'Treacle' Tate - a squaddie sent to Iraq - in The Mark of Cain.
The plates in Mellinkoff's The Mark of Cain are designed to illustrate different conceptions of Cain's mark, but they too--for example, the Cain and Abel story in five scenes from the English Bohun Psalter, or a scene from a Camposanto fresco in Pisa, or the death of Cain on one of the capitals at Autun Cathedral--vividly depict the boy guiding a very evidently sightless Lamech's aim.
For example, the Mark of Cain merits two entries: One under "Cain" with a paraphrase of the Cain story in Genesis, and one under "Cain, Mark of" with the appropriate biblical quote.
And when the Kahan Commission rendered its verdict that Sharon bore "indirect responsibility" for the massacre and suggested that Begin fire him, Sharon warned, "If you accept the conclusions of the Kahan Commission, you will be branding the mark of Cain on the foreheads of the Jewish people and on the State of Israel with your own hands.
The character appears to be the person who can help Dean Winchester in the second half of "Supernatural" Season 2 when it comes to the Mark of Cain storyline.
Instead it carries the mark of Cain and the 'blame the victim stigma' that its patients, smokers or non-smokers have to bare.
Britz won the prize for best drama serial and war programme The Mark Of Cain took the BAFTA for best single drama.
May the mark of Cain be upon Smith's head for the rest of eternity should Phil die in jail
In The Mark of Cain, Ruth Mellinkoff rejects the single modern image of Cain she examines, Hesse's Demien, as an "intentionally distorted" treatment of the myth.
The upcoming new episode will still focus on the Mark of Cain on Dean Winchester and its dark effects on the hunter.
But they lost out in the other drama categories to Channel 4, with Britz winning drama serial and war programme The Mark Of Cain winning single drama.
McGovern and Thomas face stiff competition in their category from five-time nominee Tony Marchant, for The Mark Of Cain, and StevenMoffat, for Doctor Who.