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Because the foundation is supported by sponsors and donors, the funds raised at the Masquerade ball will allow Mascot Miracles to continue to offer their services to deserving children.
For those who would just like to enjoy the masquerade ball, tickets are priced at BD30 per person and include unlimited drinks.
The winning entry in the Masquerade Ball category was superb - the make up was exquisite.
In a metaphorical sense, the masquerade in Nigeria can be used as an artistic and significant representation of the nation's politics.
The Moi Cultural Entertainment, which has seven members including the masquerade, is, as a group, dedicated to showcasing the art to locals and expatriates in Doha.
THE Masquerade will be showing the derby game on its big screen from 1.
Hugh captioned the photo of the blonde bombshell in the deejay booth as "Crystal DJing the Masquerade party".
The idea of the Masquerade Tour is that it is just one big party.
Billed as the Masquerade Tour, the current recording line up of The Drifters will perform the group's greatest hits and new material some of which is on the new album.
Groups who would like to join this year's procession or take part in the masquerade camps should contact 024 7699 2480.
In its second appearance, the masquerade normally visits the homes of lesser chiefs to pay homage.
The Masquerade Ball found an eastern HQ at Ryles in Cambridge, which will have its inaugural staging of the show tomorrow.