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THE Mercenaries is essentially a bonus mode from Resident Evil 4 that, much like its undead assailants, has been resurrected for reasons that aren't readily apparent.
These sources claim this knowledge because they've captured some of the mercenaries, who confessed their identity and the fact that Khamis Gaddafi hired them.
He affirmed that the mercenaries "were coerced" into giving self-criminating evidence during the investigation by the Justice Department, but that "the Constitution prevents prosecutors from using statements that were obtained through the threat of job loss".
9) Establishing Scottish opposition to "foreign mercenaries" enabled Enlightenment Scots not only to describe the boundaries of proper commercialism by contrast, but also to reinforce Scotland's membership as part of the domestic arena to which the mercenaries were "foreign.
Fainaru interviews the mercenaries extensively on where they come from, what motivated them to go to Iraq, and how they cope with the dangerous conditions.
Money, the thrill of combat (and escaping the boredom of civilian life) are the reasons many of the mercenaries came to Iraq.
37) While the public may oppose some mercenary operations, it may just as easily support others when the perceived purpose is legitimate; either way, public support may be irrelevant to the mercenaries themselves.
On 17 March the PNG defence and police chiefs rebelled, calling on the Governor-General to sack Chan over hiring the mercenaries.
Simon Baker, of TV's ``The Guardian,'' plays the most heroic of the mercenaries, Riley; John Leguizamo is Cholo, the most selfish one.
The mercenaries were were expected to make their first court appearance on Wednesday, but the new charges could delay proceedings.
However, as he also notes, on the two occasions the mercenaries were removed from the conflict, the rebel threat soon re-emerged.
Siena was a logical target once the mercenaries had completed their duties for the two larger cities or were on the way of transit between the two.