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The two aspects on which I wish to focus pertain to, on the one hand, conditions that occasion either vigorous contestations between the Muses of a culture and their associated cults or, on the other hand, an onslaught on particular Muses or muses in general.
In the first place, one could argue that it is not so much History in general that Walcott savages in the essay as the Muse of Caribbean writing of the period, but rather a view of History as deterministic, narrowly progressivist and normatively elaborated in terms of an endless struggle between winners and losers.
There were nine Muses as early as Homer's Odyssey, and Homer invokes either a particular Muse or the Muses collectively from time to time.
The Muses were not worshiped as deities but were frequently invoked, particularly by poets who called on them for inspiration.