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Identifying Behaviors of a Passionate Worker Workers who have the passion of the Explorer differ from non-passionate workers in a number of ways.
Next Easter, each open air evening performance will tell a contemporary version of the Passion story, Christ's suffering leading up to the crucifixion, enhanced by stories of local people.
the seventeenth century), motion, imagination and the passions are at the basis of science and politics and thus explicit; even reason itself is born of the passion of curiosity.
In the Toronto Star, liberal Rabbi Schmuley Boteach used the occasion to reiterate the allegation that The Passion of the Christ was anti-Semitic (Aug.
Quietly, I think of my young" years and the impressive meditations on figures of the passion period.
Moreover, Melamed constructs a sophisticated response to the many persistent and fiercely guarded myths surrounding the Passion repertory associated with Bach.
When the Gospel writers tell the passion story of Jesus, Psalm 22 is the narrative Old Testament thread that weaves it together.
Now in James Valliant's The Passion Of Ayn Rand's Critics: The Case Against The Brandens, a long awaited corrective is applied as readers are provided for the first time with Rand's own never-before-seen journal entries on the Brandens, as well as the first in-depth analysis of the Brandens' own works which reveal their profoundly inaccurate and simply unjust depiction of their former mentor.
In your recent issue on the "Culture War in Hollywood" (March 21), you rightly deplore the fact that The Passion of The Christ did not get an Oscar, not even a nomination for a major Oscar award.
Sometimes you can reignite the passion and desire even without a Caribbean cruise.
You and your Valentine's lover can enjoy good, clean fun steaming up the bathroom windows this February, thanks to the Passion Fruit bath and body range, new from The Body Shop.
It was shocking to read Peter Gilmour's June Odds & Ends, ("Horror flick") in which he accuses Mel Gibson of portraying God as a monster in his movie, The Passion of the Christ.