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The phantasm usually shows itself to Veronica as a dark and faceless figure.
According to the Averroists' first explanation, a single intelligible species has two subjects, the separate possible intellect itself and the phantasms found in human persons.
To avoid possible misunderstandings, let me add this: when I talk about the recreation of the phantasm of the event by the phantasm of the word, one could infer that I am concerned with the "translation" of a certain event.
What we know, in this sense, are things, but according to the immaterial mode of the intellect reflecting its concepts back upon the phantasm.
A security guard outside a Kirkby factory, however, had 20/20 vision, and he could clearly see the phantasm that night.
Ralph Singh notes the ghostly aspect of the city--it reveals itself to him in a procession of appearances--what Foucault calls the incorporeal materiality of the phantasm.
with director John Carpenter), "Turbulence," "Willard," "Memoirs of an Invisible Man," "Born to Ride" and "Barman: Mask of the Phantasm.
13) Indeed, the late-medieval tendency to convert every philosophical concept into an image and, as Couliano suggested, the renaissance pursuit of the Art of Memory--a comprehensive, visually-based mnemonic system--probably depended on 'the Aristotelian principle of the absolute precedence of the phantasm over speech and of the phantasmic essence of the intellect'.
Gore the Phantasm will load up the Supreme Court with Justices the caliber of William Douglas or Hugo Black.
What better way to justify the "civilizing" presence of marines in Haiti than to project the phantasm of barbarism?
not been considered as illustrations of a belief completely formed outside of them but as part of the process of believing, of the complex modalities of the statement of belief in which doubt is blended with the affirmation and the concrete representation with the phantasm (221).