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10) Entitlement to compensation and reimbursement of costs expended from the trust assets, including costs of defending claims against the protector.
Several other benefits are included with the protector Series at no additional cost, including common carrier accidental death benefit, which provides additional payments if death occurs as a result of certain accidents, and an accelerated death benefit, which provides early access to up to half of the death benefit prior to death if the insured individual is diagnosed as terminally ill.
The protectors make you sweat and there's a danger riders will become dehydrated.
However, concordance might be doubled by modification of the pad and undergarment to improve their fitting and reduce the discomfort associated with the protector.
The carers were then asked to list all residents to whom they offered the protector and to note reasons for negative responses.
ONG BAK made Tony Jaa a star, THE PROTECTOR will solidify his place among the action-hero elite.
Highly autonomous, the Protector can successfully operate with general guidance from a commander and operator in port, riverine, harbor and coastal waterways - making it an innovative solution for today's critical missions, including force protection, anti-terror, and surveillance and reconnaissance.
Ultra MSI expects to deliver more than 1,200 hand control units for use in the Protector on the Stryker's Land Vehicle Weapons Turret Control over the life of the program.
Army will use the Protector RWS during trials this month on the Maneuver Sustainment Vehicle.
The protector covers the top side of a PSP, including the device's screen -- a highly critical area that is most relied on during gameplay.
All the IP, rights and developments of the Protector Suite(TM) line of PC security software, along with the Protector Suite trademarks, have been acquired by ST.
The Protector allows for increased breathing even when clenching.

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