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This observation is not sufficient to speculate a prominent role of the RAGE pathway in axonal degeneration but supports the fact that the RAGE pathway is one of the activated pathway in macrophages without need of inflammatory milieu.
To learn more about the Rage and its efforts to assist Caden, e-mail Morrison at Cmorrison@orlandorage.
The RAGE 128 PRO is matched in the new Gateway E5400 workstations with the latest Intel technology, including the Intel Pentium III 800MHz and 733MHz processors, and the Intel 840 chipset, specifically designed for high performance, multi-processor systems.
The breadth of the RAGE platform, spanning business process automation to unstructured data integration, comprehensive BPM to Big Data on one platform, is a market defining innovation.
With a string of wins in 2000 for the RAGE MOBILITY family, ATI has set a very high standard for notebook multimedia graphics performance.
Along with Coach Kennamer, the Rage has hired Assistant Head Coach and Defensive Coordinator Melvin Modesty, Offensive Line Coach Kenneth Mims, Special Teams Coach James Ubbins and Strength and Conditioning Coach Laura Otter.
NASDAQ:ATYT; TSE: ATY) today announced that Compaq Computer Corporation (NYSE: CPQ) has selected the RAGE MOBILITY(TM) 128(TM) mobile graphics and multimedia chip for the latest models in the Presario 1800 Series of notebook PCs.
High-level activation of naturally occurring genes in cells using the RAGE technology also provides a new means of manufacturing therapeutic proteins while avoiding the need to introduce or otherwise manipulate the target gene.
TSE:ATY, NASDAQ:ATYT) announced today that the RAGE Mobility 128(TM) chip ships standard in Apple's new iBook line, offering industry-leading 3D and 2D graphics and DVD playback.
The pairing of the two technologies will leverage the unique features of the RAGE 128 card such as its power to handle advanced visual effects including, superscalar rendering, line and edge anti-aliasing, gouraud shading, twin cache, single pass multitexturing, perspectively correct texture mapping, mip-mapping and z-buffering and double buffering," said Ed Grondahl, Vice President of Product Marketing of ATI.
The RAGE 128 PRO 4X graphics chip, supported with 16 MB of memory, is matched in the Dell Dimension 4100 with the latest PC technology, including the Intel(R) 815E chipset and Intel(R) Pentium(R) III processor at 733 MHz.
ATI Technologies' Set-top-Wonder II incorporates the Rage Theater video encoder/decoder and Rage XL 2D and 3D graphics engine and MPEG-2 decoder into a Windows CE-based system.