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REGENCY. The authority of the person in monarchical countries invested with the right of governing the state in the name of the monarch, during his minority, absence, sickness or other inability.

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On June 10, 2015, The Regency -- located at 24441 Calle Sonora, Laguna Woods, CA 92637 -- officially opened its new Resident Wellness Center, which will serve as the community's central hub for educational seminars, activities aimed at promoting healthy aging, and expert care resources from Saddleback MemorialCare Home Health.
In February, Indian Country bought the assets, including the machinery and other equipment, of Regency Furniture, part of the Regency Group in St.
For more information, visit the Regency Energy Partners LP Web site at www.
In addition to providing Regency with needed working capital, proceeds from the Royalty loans were used by Regency to effect the redemption referred to above, acquire an option from Statesman to purchase the 20% interest in National Resource Development Corporation not presently owned by Regency, to modify the terms of the Regency Series C preferred stock held by Statesman, and to secure additional agreements from Statesman.
We are pleased to be part of the Regency family and look forward to contributing to a significant increase in shareholder value.
The building was developed by Regency Realty Corporation's predecessor, The Regency Group Inc.
The Regency Contemporary Collection fireplace line is for the discerning homeowner as well as the design-focused architect or custom builder.
In addition, Southern National has committed $6 million to the Regency communities for low-to- moderate income housing loans.
Upon arrival to the Regency Club Lounge, guests are greeted by a personal concierge, and led to one of four hemispheres in the club dedicated to dining, business, entertainment, and relaxation.
On Thursday, June 10, the Regency Palace will officially open its doors when hundreds of area residents join civic and community leaders at a gala reception to honor southern New Jersey's newest landmark.
Regency Hospital of Hattiesburg, a Long Term Acute Care (LTAC) hospital that provides intensive critical care to acutely ill, medically complex patients, received the Regency Commitment Hospital of the Year award.