reign of terror

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John Mortimer's latest book, Rumpole and the Reign of Terror, draws on contemporary events
Several of their own sisters were martyred in France during the Reign of Terror.
Football chiefs warned last night that they will no longer put up with the reign of terror the thugs bring wherever they go.
The entire second half of Scenes of Subjection describes the elaborate burdens of freedom imposed on ex-slaves, and the reign of terror that followed in the wake of slavery.
The Social Uplifters declare that tenant-protection laws have ended the reign of terror inflicted by surly and dyspeptic landlords.
Hitler rose from demolished postwar Germany, Stalin and the Bolsheviks from Czarist Russian squalor, and Napoleon from the Reign of Terror.
At the same time, Les Piques, 1992-93, presents a significant reversal of this theme in its allusion not to repression but to anarchic rebellion, to the masses of sansculottes brandishing the impaled heads of aristocrats through the streets of Paris during the Reign of Terror.