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Mario DiGangi traces the use of the Narcissus myth in the Renaissance as a social signifier of anxieties about court life; his study contributes to psychoanalytical historicist queer theory.
For more information on Renaissance events and activities, check out the Renaissance Herald's Web site at: renaissanceinfo.
In spring 1996, the Stouffer portfolio will bear the Renaissance name exclusively.
We will continue to look for ways to better ensure the health of our members as well as provide them value-added services, like the Renaissance Value Card.
Remaining in the field of Latin studies, two essays deal with Ovid's Heroides, a text central to constructing literary gender in the Renaissance.
The authors are, indeed, indebted to Goldthwaite's excellent discussion of the purchase of art and the way it increased during the Renaissance, particularly his section on "Demand in the Secular World" and its consideration of architecture and domestic furnishings.
What Hutchinson makes clear is that the Renaissance did not just die or become simply a prologue for the Black Arts Movement.
The terms of the Renaissance loan agreement and the SLI convertible debenture provide that, if the proposed merger (the "merger") between SLI's wholly owned subsidiary, Standard Logic Acquisition Corp.
Renaissance Life & Health Insurance Company of America (Renaissance America), a member of the Renaissance family of companies, today announced it will make available insurance plans designed specifically for small and mid-sized businesses.
Before that, however, both authors present the context of the works they will be discussing: medicine in Spain during the Renaissance, including a short presentation of the medical faculties in Spain, and the history of the universities of Salamanca and Valladolid, especially during the Renaissance.
Daniel Gatlin, The Renaissance Experience(TM) grants each client access to an unprecedented range of both traditional and innovative treatment options while respecting their needs for maximum individual attention.