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If the resurrection of the body implies only a person's transformation in accordance with human ethics and expectations, it should be very similar to what Schillebeeckx describes as the resurrection of nature or "the ecological milieu".
Appearing in English in the 1300s, the noun "resurrection" derives from the AngloFrench term resurrectiun, the Old French resurrection (specifically denoting the Resurrection of Christ), and the Latin resurrectionem for "a rising again from the dead" and resurgere for "rise again, appear again" (Harper, Online Etymology Dictionary <http://www.
In a conversation with Maggie Hambling in Holy Week 2010, Rowan Williams, referring to the resurrection panel of Grunewald's Isenheim Altarpiece, said that the resurrection was an impossible subject to paint.
As I reflect on these, I could not help but feel that faith in the Resurrection is very similar to what these men shared.
Jesus explains that there is no comparison between human life shared by all and the resurrection shared by the children of God.
The Resurrection of the Messiah: A Narrative Commentary on the Resurrection Accounts in the Four Gospels.
Each Sunday at Mass, we confess with a collective voice, "I look forward to the resurrection of the dead, and the life of the world to come.
The electoral fervor however seems to mellow down in the approaching Easter Dawn that carries the gentle breeze of Christ's forgiving love from the resurrection garden.
Easter is celebrated to commemorate the resurrection of Lord Jesus Christ and this festival is actually the basis of our Christian faith.
Today's Gospel account of Mary of Magdala at the tomb addresses a common misunderstanding about the Resurrection.
Theologian Karl Barth once preached a sermon in which he described the resurrection of Jesus as a threat.
The book is a philosophic-phenomenological meditation on the meaning of the resurrection taken as a reality or hypothesis that must be thought about.