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The highest online bidder can look forward to a lunch date with the actress who plays sassy Dahlia Malloy in The Riches - plus EUR64,000.
Scotland's Under-20s took only 90 minutes to drop the riches bit and were largely an embarrassment against Japan.
When The Riches, which stars Eddie Izzard and Minnie Driver, first came out this month, it was feared it would receive a storm of criticism for portraying Irish people as criminals and drunks.
In the late 1800s, when explorers uncovered the riches of the continent's interior, including diamonds, rubber, and iron ore, the "scramble for Africa" began.
In other words, the treaty would designate the riches of the sea as a "common heritage of mankind" and inaugurate an immense exercise in Marxist wealth redistribution.
Beyond their own pluses and minuses, what became apparent were the riches to come in this series.
Both cars were won as grand prizes in the Lottery's Pocono Race for the Riches instant ticket game second-chance drawing.
In the much-heralded exodus from old-line companies to dot-com start- ups in recent years, while some voyagers have found great wealth, others are finding the promised land does not offer the riches or satisfaction they had expected.
The Pennsylvania Lottery announces the names of the five finalists in the Lottery's POCONO RACE FOR THE RICHES instant game second-chance drawing, who will have a chance at winning a replica of the Pocono Raceway pace car.
Then again, when Jack explains that she deserves some of the riches life has failed to deliver, she has to agree.
The Pennsylvania Lottery has drawn the names of 100 semi-finalists in the Pocono Race For The Riches instant game second-chance drawing.