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The sound of a marble dropping onto a marble countertop or ceramic floor
They can tell where the bug is by listening to the difference in the sound at the left and right ears," says Cindy Moss, a psychologist at the University of Maryland in College Park.
Note the sound that you hear: How does it compare with the sounds you heard when you tapped the larger soda bottle?
A video screen divided into three sections presents several ways of rendering the sound of a voice that repeatedly drones an "ahhh" sound held for various durations and wavering in pitch and volume.
In essence, active noise cancels out the disturbance, with the net result that the sound is significantly reduced.
The tones deepen in part because cosmic expansion stretches the sound waves.
The most frequent error students made when reading words was stopping between the sounds when subjects attempted to sound out words.
The discs often broke and projectionists had problems synchronizing the sound with what was happening on screen.
The Sound forms another natural barrier to development.
A growing number of studies reveal that the sound waves produced by gunshots may not always be detected by body-worn transmitters or audio recorders.
Unveils Dolby Volume to Improve the Sound of Broadcast Television
Instead, by allowing the needle to drag across the rotating metal platter or rubber mat (as in the live performance at the Sound Particle festival in Sydney on March 23, 2001, or in "whirr thump thump," a track with a decidedly Futurist title from SIMPLE METHODS for complex times [2001]), Graeve transforms the phonograph into an avatar of Russolo's rotating-drum, noise-producing intonarumori.