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However, he said that the sound proceeded from a very large owl, in a hollow tree; a sort of learned owl, that continually knocked its head against the branches.
The king of the country was also observant of it, and vowed that he who could discover whence the sounds proceeded, should have the title of "Universal Bell-ringer," even if it were not really a bell.
The sun was shining gloriously; the children that had been confirmed went out of the town; and from the wood was borne towards them the sounds of the unknown bell with wonderful distinctness.
I reasoned with myself that I had lain helpless for many hours within the cave, yet nothing had molested me, and my better judgment, when permitted the direction of clear and logical reasoning, convinced me that the noises I had heard must have resulted from purely natural and harmless causes; probably the conformation of the cave was such that a slight breeze had caused the sounds I heard.
He remembered how he lay there in the grass, wet-cheeked but no longer sobbing, listening to the sound and wondering that he had been able to hear it on the beach of Ringmanu.
For, like the genuine scientist he was, he would not be content to die until he had solved the secret of the sound.
Was the sound that I had heard really the sound of a sigh?
At the sound of the pony's hoofs on the rough island road, as the animal moved, the curtains were parted for a few inches only.
For thousands of years, yogis reported that the sound they heard while contemplating the deepest reality was Aum.
Sometimes it is best to leave the instrument and find the sound that needs to be produced.
If there's a bug or another object nearby, the sound bounces off the object and comes back to the bat.
Note the sound that you hear now that the soda bottle is empty: Does it have a higher pitch, or a lower pitch than when the bottle was filled with newspaper?