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Commentators suggest that the archers must have reasoned as follows: "Whatever we get from the spoils will be ours.
Part of the spoils would be the "share of God and his messenger" and this share would be held in the Bayt al-Mal (State Treasury) to be used for the benefit of the public.
United are hanging in the title battle, but left it late to take the spoils last time out with a 2-1 win at Norwich.
A simple (and safer) course to the spoils is to leave the mouth of the Withlacoochee, go to marker No.
Here, along the spoil edges near Long Point (28-55.
The oil industry typically carry out dredging by removing the soil and sediment along the proposed project route and place them adjacent to the dredged canals, and because of lack of better ways to handle the spoils, they are abandoned.
Despite trailing at half-time, the visitors struck back to claim the spoils courtesy of two tries from Dafi Davies.
The smart dual-purpose performer very nearly defied top-weight in the traditional cavalry charge before Smokey Oakey came from the clouds to grab the spoils.
Experience has shown that without some form of amendment, the spoils pose severe problems for vegetation establishment and growth (Bell et al.
Glamorgan squandered a two-point foursomes advantage in their annual match against Dyfed at Milford Haven and had to be content with a share of the spoils 7 1 / 2 -71/ 2 - but there were several impressive individual performances.
Result of laboratory analysis show that the spoils are contaminated by heavy metals (Table 1) [34].
LOWLY Rugby grabbed a share of the spoils against league leaders Nuneaton in the Mid-Warwickshire League, forcing a 4-4 draw.