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A third person; anyone who is not a party to a particular legal action or agreement.

For example, all those who are not parties to a particular contract are considered strangers to the contract.


noun  alien, foreign person, hospes, newcomer, outsider, strange person, unknown person
See also: alien

STRANGER, persons, contracts. This word has several significations. 1. A person born out of the United States; but in this sense the term alien is more properly applied, until he becomes naturalized. 2. A person who is not privy to an act or contract; example, he who is a stranger to the issue, shall not take advantage of the verdict. Bro. Ab. Record, pl. 3; Vin. Ab. h.t. pl. 1 and vide Com. Dig. Abatement, H 54.
     2. When a man undertakes to do a thing, and a stranger interrupts him, this is no excuse. Com. Dig. Condition, L 14. When a party undertakes that a stranger shall do a certain thing, he becomes liable as soon as the stranger refuses to perform it. Bac. Ab. Conditions, Q 4.

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If [unkeyable] is the characteristic of any eikastic speech, and Theaetetus has no trouble in supplying it, it might seem odd that the Stranger does not follow it up with a comparable demand for the characteristic of a phantastic speech.
As Americans and Christians, we have good reason this Christmas to listen to the angel story of Genesis 18 and 19 and to consider our own obligations toward the stranger and sojourner.
After a half-hour, the stranger called police and stood in front of the minimart with the baby in his arms as officers arrived, police and a witness said.
In the former he finds that war (and its dispersion of both troops and refugees), revolution, the Terror, the abolition movement, and the constitution and reconstitution of nation states put enormous pressure on acts and attitudes of hospitality, causing a "distinct ramping up of the depth and scope of the stranger syndrome" (10).
For the Stranger the world we inhabit belongs to the Age of Zeus, a period in time in which the god has lost interest in humanity, beasts have grown savage, and humans are on their own in a hostile world.
Regardless of whether it was their owner or the stranger, when an individual cried most of the dogs went up to them in a quiet, submissive way suggesting comfort-giving," the Daily Mail quoted Mayer as saying.
Hiding the Stranger in Hickory Valley" is the story of Katie, who finds a teenager unconscious on her family's farm.
But the command to love the stranger is actually much more prominent in the Bible, appearing more than 30 times in various forms.
But on the stranger issue, it struck me with force recently that if from day one we ignore everybody (except the near, and dear, family) we are dooming ourselves to be strangers to others too.
Chris Van Allsburg's THE STRANGER (0395423317, $18.
Jessi still remembers when the stranger walked up to her at a Starbucks two years ago.
Would it destroy the stranger thing and am I crazy to consider it?