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Tzanetou has demonstrated clearly and elegantly how the suppliant plays are both impacted by and impact the understanding of Athens's imperial ambitions.
Achilles' initial act of `acceptance' of things as they are gradually acquires the stronger and more positive force of accepting, taking in and taking care of the suppliant who is dependent upon him.
But as the simile of the suppliant underlines (480-2), such a structure of power is also a potential source of refuge, shelter and protection.
Logos and Pathos: The Politics of the Suppliant Women.
Homer, of whose text the educated audience for the Suppliants would automatically think, says that Sarpedon was buried in Lycia (Il.
Seeing what was happening, most of the suppliants, who had refused (to be tried), killed each other there in the temple; some hanged themselves from the trees,
The final chapter ("Postludes') offers a useful survey of later literary treatments of the episodes of the myth of the Seven covered in the Suppliant Women.