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A bookish dreamer with selfeffacing hesitancy is part of the grotesque rearrangement: "This lack of confidence produces daunting, phantasmagorical images such as the twenty-foot thick book that describes the embroidered coats of arms of the suppliants of the goddess Fame.
119) Milton's translation of Euripides' play, The Suppliants, for example, contains these lines:
The suppliants kick the "sonorous [sonore] iron" of the submarine's surface, an iron plate is raised, a man utters a "bizarre cry.
In addition to the major exotic sites/sights that occupy much of the narrative, the narrator intersperses his description with phantasmagorical images to intensify the exoticness of the dream vision: the cave of stone (70), an uncouth thing to tell (1279), uncouth sights and tidings (2010), a windmill under a walnut shell (1281-2), the twenty-foot-thick book describing the embroidered coats of arms of the suppliants of the goddess Fame (1335), and a house sixty miles in length (1979).
38) Gregory of Nyssa concluded his panegyric on Saint Theodore by calling on him to rally his fellow saints to respond to the suppliants present at the martyr's festival since "the prayers of many just people will exonerate sin.
He then moves on to a discussion of allegory in the Suppliants in which he describes and analyzes the story of the Danaids and Aphrodite.