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And engineers have gone one step further to ensure comfort by building the Taskmaster boots on an athletic-inspired last for a better fit.
The Taskmaster series includes six- and eight-inch models in plain and steel toe versions, available in men's sizes from 7 to 14.
The lawsuit charges Makita misrepresented themselves as having the expertise to effectively market the Taskmaster toolbench and accessories leading to an exclusive agreement in November 1993.
An early adopter of the Taskmaster Web Service uses it to identify the addressee of faxed documents managed by a proprietary application.
An early adopter of the Taskmaster Web Service has built an application that sends fax images to the Service to capture addressee information with advanced recognition.
The Taskmaster Release Task for AX(TM) provides Taskmaster and ApplicationXtender customers with easy integration for a seamless combined automated indexing, forms processing and content management solution.