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VISITATION. The act of examining into the affairs of a corporation.
     2. The power of visitation is applicable only to ecclesiastical and eleemosynary corporations. 1 Bl. Com. 480; 2 Kid on Corp. 174. The visitation of civil corporations is by the government itself, through the medium of the courts of justice Vide 2 Kent, Com. 240.

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Kathleen Conway, who was on the leadership council of her congregation during the visitation.
61, as it authorizes a military parent to designate his or her grandparent the right to exercise timesharing, unless the civilian parent can show that the visitation is not in the best interest of the child.
72) The trial court granted the relocation and, as part of the visitation schedule, ordered regular virtual visitation.
When drafting the child law of 2008, the NCCM added a penalty pertaining to whoever violates the visitation but the People's Assembly removed it saying it didn't want to increase the strain within the family by penalizing one of the parents.
Granville and suggest that the turmoil and the impasse on the visitation issue can be attributed to the lack of an underlying theory of visitation.
The court ruling on the visitation issue acknowledged that the father's repeated filings for custody were dismissed without hearings, though there is "no evidence that the father would not be a proper custodian for the child or that the child would be at risk in his custody.
On appeal, Granville challenged the Troxels' standing as well as the constitutionality of the visitation statute.
Not only do secular and ecclesiastical archives from that era repeatedly note the attention people paid to the event, but the production of a 179-page Histoire only two months after the visitation ended confirms its local significance.
Hence, while there are differences in hours and earnings between payers and nonpayers of child support, there is little difference between the visitation behavior of these two groups.
The DRC face recognition pilot program is schedule to begin in January 2005 at a designated high security DRC prison, which will use the technology to evaluate the visitation process and crackdown on illegal activity.
Video Visitation also reduces tension in the visitation center by providing scheduling so those waiting are only those with appointments.
floor of the Main Jail in the visitation area and 14 video visitation stations (one in each housing unit), 8 inmate