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On January 6, The Wanderer reported that Father Welch had accused the newspaper of "waging a misguided campaign of lies, distortion, and defamation" and demanded a retraction.
Thus Wanderer II heralds an end to portable printing cables being snagged on warehouse racking or becoming entangled with the user's clothing, thus the Wanderer II utilizes short-wave radio signals to transmit data from the scanner to the printer.
The captain died in a raging storm on that first voyage in 1891 and just 16 years later - following numerous unsettling incidents - the Wanderer sank after being rammed by a German liner.
In the forwards, flankers Josh Sheahan and Michael Owen worked hard for the Wanderers while Murphy and his lock partner Gareth Clwyd-Jones stood out for the Squirrels.
The Wanderers will now qualify for the riches of next month's FIFA Club World Cup in Morocco, featuring continental champions, where they could face Real Madrid among others.
Even before the celebrations could die down in the Al Jazira camp, the Wanderers hit back through La Rocca's header off a fine corner kick by Vitor Saba.
The Wanderers maintained their 100% record with an emphatic 53-0 win over Rossendale at the Upper Park.
This was a game in which Aberavon's 75 points took the tally to 1,067 conceded by the Wanderers in 26 games and yet it was a game in which there was a lot of good to be seen by the home supporters.
It's not every day you get the chance to watch the Wanderers at Wembley.
THE Wanderers outscored Llandovery by six tries to five to grab five league points and give them fresh hope of avoiding the drop.
The two-day hockey fiesta attracted the likes of the Qatar Hockey League Champions, the Wanderers and the well-known UTSC team from Oman/Dubai apart from local outfits like the Young Goans Club, Pakistan Club, Public Security etc.
Good bowling by Sam Wood (2-14) allowed the Wanderers to restrict them to 46 all out and Wanderers knocked off the required runs in four overs, with Phil Dyer (25) and Simon Taylor (20) doing the damage.