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The Wonder Place owners said they believe Lindsay shared its business plan and other confidential information with Sprout Studio.
One of the fundamental errors in elementary education is that, in our rush to get on to what is 'advanced' and testable, the wonders of the elementary are skipped over" (p.
Public elementary school children need this the most,'' said Dori Hairrell, director of The Wonder of Reading.
The Wonder Tools Cruiser, which looks very much like a preschooler's toy, must be used with special CD-ROMs that create on-screen environments and adventures for preliterate children to manipulate and explore.
Clark won the Wonder Women of Toys award in the retail category and will be honored at the Women in Toys' annual networking dinner in New York City on Sunday, February 20 during the American International Toy Fair.
At a ribbon-cutting ceremony held this morning, Christopher Forman, founder of The Wonder of Reading and president of its board, officially opened the new library, which now occupies double the space and features new paint, carpet, blinds and bookshelves, story steps, three study stations and a quiet area for reading.
Ponsoldt also said, "We plan to move the Wonder Tool operations to our facility in Canada, which should increase Wonder Tool's margins.
Experience the wonder with Sony Wonder on-line at www.
Caillou is a true tot hero who epitomizes the wonder with which children experience the ordinary, from getting to know his family to visiting stores and strange places (like the park and zoo) for the first time.
announced today the Wonder TV Broadcast System developed by the company's subsidiary, Regent Electronics Corporation.
I wonder why, if the wonders of aspirin continue, whether the cost will remain the same?

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