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He spoke disrespectfully of the equator, he skipped from continent to continent, he derided the zones, he mopped up the high seas with his napkin.
That's because the zone that they live in is also surprisingly stable.
City officials and state legislators lobbied hard to keep the zone designation or restore the benefits another way.
Since qualifying companies can only be credited for capital or personnel investments after the zone is established, the benefits are predicated on future growth in the zone communities.
The act establishes a bonus 50% first-year depreciation allowance under IRC section 167(a) for qualified Gulf Opportunity Zone property, which includes property described in IRC section 168(k)(2)(A)(i), nonresidential real property and residential rental property located in the zone that the taxpayer acquired and substantially used in the trade or business on or after August 28, 2005.
That includes both inside and outside shots to whatever the zone gives you.
By running the model forward in time, Scavia's team analyzed how much farmers and other polluters in the Gulf watershed--an area covering 41 percent of the lower 48 states' area--would have to scale back their nitrogen releases to limit the zone to an annual average of just 5,000 square km.
Instead, while use among high-school students did decrease for virtually every type of illicit drug over the course of the '80s--reaching a low around 1992--this decrease had already started by the time the zone laws took effect.
By defining specific ports as a zone, the devices participating in the zone are unaware of devices on other switch ports.
Zone employees can receive a tax deduction of up to $37,500 during the first year of operation, if they open a business in a specific location within the zone.
Prior to the implementation of the zone concept, SEPTA's uniformed officers reported to a central headquarters and patrolled different parts of the transit system each day.
One provision of new state law allows an enterprise zone to include some land not directly within the zone as part of its designation.