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I shot footage for several minutes as the buck slowly browsed past my stand, coming as close as 15 yards.
Of course, she laid claim to the shed and the buck like any enthusiastic seven-year-old would.
After hunting the same spot for three straight days, I figured the buck had probably left my property looking for estrus does.
Another reason that dairy goat keepers prefer to keep bucks and does separate is the buck smell.
He found most customers prefer an American-made knife, "especially if it has the Buck brand name on it.
After showing that we can sweep to either side, we will run the buck sweep out of our double wing formation [ILLUSTRATION FOR DIAGRAM 4 OMITTED].
Matt knew the buck was continually using the area he was hunting, but the beast simply refused to show himself in shooting hours.
By September, the buck was a bona fide Boone and Crockett trophy, and I was determined to bag it.
If during the 60 days prior to breeding the buck experiences fever or trauma to the testicles, his ability to breed during the season could be compromised.
They are then a member of the Buck network and are automatically recognized by all Buck powered merchants thereafter.
Jack has been with the Buck family for 23 years and he epitomizes the commitment and service excellence Buck's retail partners have come to expect," said CJ Buck.
That's why he helped spearhead plans to expand the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum, including the building of the Buck O'Neil Education and Research Center," said Bob Kendrick, NLBM Marketing Director.