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As the journals, on which I chiefly depended, had been kept by men of business, intent upon the main object of the enterprise, and but little versed in science, or curious about matters not immediately bearing upon their interest, and as they were written often in moments of fatigue or hurry, amid the inconveniences of wild encampments, they were often meagre in their details, furnishing hints to provoke rather than narratives to satisfy inquiry.
Maston should have done before sending this telegram forth to the world, which, according to his idea, told the whole result of the enterprise.
She was an indulgent parent, however, and really had little objection to Emma Jane amusing herself in this unusual way; it was only for Rebecca, as the niece of the difficult Miranda Sawyer, that she raised scruples; but when fully persuaded that the enterprise was a charitable one, she acquiesced.
This was an essential condition to the success of the enterprise, and continued actively to engage the public attention.
Who, then, was this person, and what was the enterprise that he proposed?
The leader of the enterprise, not that unhappy young man; the latter is merely an instrument, destined through his whole life to wretchedness, I plainly perceive.
But with this chief of the enterprise there was a man of prodigious strength, the one who menaced me with a force almost herculean; what is he?
Enterprises are making investments today in infrastructure software to address these problems, and to move closer to the vision of the Enterprise Nervous System.
The WIC Enterprise Action Team and Mobile Enterprise Magazine are dedicated to advancing the wireless data industry by providing clear and accurate information on wireless data solutions for the enterprise market.
Session policy is completely controlled by the administrator at the enterprise.
The most important tenet of enterprise risk management is that risk should be managed for the enterprise as a whole.
The Enterprise A shares and Enterprise warrants will be separately traded.

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