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Symbol is closely working with DiVitas to develop end-to-end seamless voice and application handoff solutions for the enterprise across wireless LAN and cellular networks.
X1 Enterprise Edition brings secure, cost-effective search to the enterprise desktop, enabling business users to access and act upon corporate data to enhance productivity and leverage existing investments in enterprise applications.
SchemaLogic Workshop(TM) provides business domain experts and technical data architects the ability to model, rationalize and manage the creation, import/export, and synchronization of metadata models and schemas with other applications and systems throughout the enterprise.
com) provides metadata management and taxonomy reconciliation that helps organizations unlock silos of unstructured information across the enterprise improving findability for knowledge workers throughout the organization.
With Enterprise Designer, Digital Harbor delivers the most comprehensive implementation of semantic integration for the enterprise available today.
As an innovator in composite applications, Digital Harbor is helping to ensure that enterprises are able to leverage the latest advances in standards and capitalize on the power of semantic relationships to deliver integrated real-time information across the enterprise," said Austin Wells, vice president of product management at Digital Harbor.
When a user's credentials are consolidated into a single identity, and this identity is authenticated by the user's fingerprint scan and smartcard swipe, the enterprise is empowered to enforce restricted data access, ensure data protection and prove, in a court of law, the events this user performed online," Hart said.
Enterprise single sign-on solutions can achieve this for the enterprise," Hart added.

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