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7) Language - The essay must be written in English.
Indeed, for many Japanese applicants, the hardest part of writing the essay is to know what the questions are really asking, or what qualities the admission officer is looking for: "A Japanese applicant does not share the same set of cultural assumptions that an American admission officer does," Markus explains, "My role as the admission advisor is to give feedback.
As the nature of their discussion board comments changed over the semester, the essays of six of those eight students in Group 1 moved from mere mechanical competence, to some reflection of critical thinking and analysis.
The essay must be a minimum of five hundred (500) words.
I'd close the essay on the third spread, filling both pages with a full-bleed shot of the 14-story mill itself, which still dominates the scene.
The subject matter, religion, is not the focus of this book, but instead the essays address economics, art, architecture, science, and epistemology.
And at the other end of the book, from the essay on Cartier-Bresson's photography: "As soon as we see an object, an event - and particularly photographs of them - they detach themselves from their context, they open and surrender themselves to our obsessions; no encounter with what is can take place unless first refracted by a dream.
The editors' commentaries after each essay explain why Leopold made mistakes and where the essay stands in the development of his thinking.
In the essay, Candace talks about families and neighbors getting together every two months to do repairs around town.
In the essay entitled "Sacred Legacies," Annette Gordon-Reed demonstrates that American slavery and racism were "inextricably entwined" and that, "although white slave owners did have overwhelming power, they were not gods.
Approximately 200 elementary and secondary teachers evaluated a 6th grade student writing sample; only half were told the essay was written by a student with a severe learning disability.