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GALLOWS. An erection on which to bang criminals condemned to death.

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The Gallows' Twenty years later, football jock Reese Houser (Reese Mishler) is to star in an anniversary production of The Gallows to impress lead actress Pfeifer Ross (Pfeifer Brown), but when he gets cold feet, he and his pal Ryan break into the school to destroy the set, unaware that Charlie still haunts the auditorium.
Rating THE GALLOWS (15) Starring: Reese Mishler, Pfeifer Brown, Ryan Shoos, Cassidy Gifford Directors: Travis Cluff, Chris Lofing Duration: 81 mins FORGET mathematics, English literature, history, science, geography and the American high school curriculum.
Instantly | The film opens in 1993 at the first night of Beatrice High School's production of a period drama called The Gallows, which bears a passing resemblance to Arthur Miller's The Crucible.
FAISALABAD/ SAHIWAL -- As many as four death house inmates have been hanged till their death at the gallows in jails of different Punjab cities early Tuesday morning.
SARGODHA/MIANWALI/ SAHIWAL -- As many as four condemned killers were hanged at the gallows till death in different jails of Punjab in the wee hours of Tuesday.
They admitted that their brutal and inhuman acts had finally brought them to the gallows.
Tracy Darke, head of development at Warwick District Council, con-firmed the redesignation of employment land to use as a 'community stadium' at the Gallows Hill site was to accommodate The Brakes.
Most men being taken to the gallows are subdued and appear to have been drugged.
The other, Ahmad Al-Beili, was brought to the gallows for premeditated murder of two persons by setting their house alight and planning to kill two others.
It was created in 1977 and supports the west-side road cut through the gallows hill at about 350 m in length.
The condemned cell proper, a gallows room and a third room below the gallows room containing a post-mortem table.
Sadly, the gallows didn't turn up on the day, so they were instead plonked in deckchairs when the deluge began.