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The elaborate stitch-up could be the last straw for the footballer who is now planning to move back to England.
People here feel that this is the last straw," she says.
Though my personal networks aren't quite representative of typical Democratic voters, in the weeks after Clinton caved in on the welfare bill, I talked with at least two dozen formerly staunch Lesser Evil-ites who said that was the last straw and that they aren't going to vote for him.
This lack of control, combined with rising productivity demands, was consistently the last straw that triggered her temper outbursts.
The WD-40[R] Smart Straw[R] has hit the road with the WD-40 Ultimate Work Truck on The Last Straw Tour to educate consumers about the product's many uses and new permanently attached straw - the last straw your can of WD-40 will ever need.
Anthony Cork of Wilkins Kennedy warned that further tax hikes could be the last straw.
The last straw was on Thursday, February 25, in an article concerning a new book written by Baroness Joyce Quin, who says of Prince Charles, and I quote, "his accession to the thrown could certainly cause some problems".
If they can't get their cheques, there's a worry that if the recession didn't finish them off then this is going to be the last straw.
This idea surely is the last straw and completely unacceptable.
The debacle at Dundee United, when Romanov told first team coach Graham Rix the team that would play at Tannadice, was the last straw for Andy Webster, Craig Gordon and Paul Hartley.
They include Chocolate Therapy, a combination of chocolate ice cream with chocolate cookies and swirls of chocolate pudding; In a Crunch, a base of peanut butter ice cream with chocolate-covered peanuts and a fudge swirl; The Last Straw, a blend of strawberry ice cream with a fudge truffle swirl and strawberry-fudge chunks; and Appley Ever After, made with brown sugar ice cream with a cinnamon-swirl and apples.
The last straw came when women in the early stages of labour called the store en-route to maternity wards to ask if the gossip was true