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noun accord, affiliation, agreement, alliance, association, axis, band, bloc, cartel, club, coalition, collaboration, combination, combine, compact, complicity, concord, concordat, concurrence, confederacy, confederation, conjunction, cooperation, copartnership, corporation, covenant, deal, federation, fellowship, foedus, fusion, gang, group, guild, mutual undertaking, network, organization, pact, pactum, participation, partnership, pool, ring, societas, society, sodality, treaty, trust, understanding, unification, union
See also: affiliation, agreement, alliance, assemblage, associate, association, band, body, cabal, cartel, chamber, coaction, coalescence, coalition, collusion, commingle, committee, compact, company, conciliation, confederacy, conformity, connect, connection, connivance, consolidate, consolidation, consortium, contribution, cooperate, federalize, federate, federation, organization, pact, partnership, party, pool, relation, society, sodality, syndicate, union, unite

LEAGUE, measure. A league is a measure of length, which consists of three geographical miles. The jurisdiction of the United States extends into the sea a marine league. See Acts of Congress of June 5, 1794; 1 Story's L. U. S. 352; and April 20, 1818, 3 Story's L. U. S. 1694; 1 Wait's State Papers, 195. Vide Cannon Shot.

LEAGUE, crim. law, contracts. In criminal law, a league is a conspiracy to do an unlawful act. The term is but little used.
     2. In contracts it is applied to agreements between states. Leagues between states are of several kinds. 1st. Leagues offensive and defensive, by which two or more nations agree not only to defend each other, but to carry on war against their common enemies. 2d. Defensive, but not offensive, obliging each to defend the other against any foreign invasion. 3d. Leagues of simple amity, by which one contracts not to invade, injure, or offend the other; this usually includes the liberty of mutual commerce and trade, and the safe guard of merchants and traders in each others dominion. Bac. Ab. Prerogative, D 4. Vide Confederacy; Conspiracy; Peace; Truce; War.

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