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POPE. The chief of the catholic religion is so called. He is a temporal prince. He is elected by certain officers called cardinals, and remains in power during life. In the 9th Collation of the Authentics it is declared the bishop of Rome hath the first place of sitting in all assemblies, and the bishop of Constantinople the second. Ridley's View, part 1, chap. 3, sect. 10.
     2. The pope has no political authority in the United States.

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The table was laid in a vineyard belonging to the pope, near San Pierdarena, a charming retreat which the cardinals knew very well by report.
but it was a legate a latere, who came with a smile on his lips to say from the pope, `His holiness requests you to dine with him.
Then Caesar and the pope hastened to lay hands on the heritage, under presence of seeking for the papers of the dead man.
There were two palaces and a vineyard behind the Palatine Hill; but in these days landed property had not much value, and the two palaces and the vineyard remained to the family since they were beneath the rapacity of the pope and his son.
Leon Dehon (1843-1925) has been held up while a commission appointed by the Pope looks into allegations of anti-Semitism in some of his writings.
The pope did not touch on this controversial issue during brief remarks on the windswept airport tarmac.
The Statement speaks as though the Church were still searching for the answers which the Pope and Church had already given (cf.
How is it then that so many Catholics identify the church as essentially a command hierarchy with the pope as the one in singular command?
First the pope gave a word of warning about the responsibilities of the world's last superpower.
Without mentioning the senator, President Rodrigo Duterte on Tuesday scoffed at De Lima for bragging about the 'beautiful rosary' given by the Pope.
Money, Masons and Occultism in the Decline of the Catholic Church", author Leo Lyon Zagami reveals the possible reasons for the choice of historical abdication of Benedict XVI and traces the process that led to the election of Cardinal Bergoglio: the Pope who many have prophesied will be the last to hold that sacred office and will bring the Catholic Church to its end.