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My experience and observation have convinced me that persistent asking outright for money from the rich does not, as a rule, secure help.
Well, then'' said Isaac, panting and hesitating between habitual love of gain and a new-born desire to be liberal in the present instance, ``if I should say that I would take eighty zecchins for the good steed and the rich armour, which leaves me not a guilder's profit, have you money to pay me?
In the midst, by the shattered fountain, grew the magnificent shrub, with its purple gems clustering all over it; they glowed in the air, and gleamed back again out of the depths of the pool, which thus seemed to overflow with colored radiance from the rich reflection that was steeped in it.
If, by any unwonted chance, he failed to come at the appointed moment, she stood beneath the window and sent up the rich sweetness of her tones to float around him in his chamber and echo and reverberate throughout his heart: "Giovanni
Realizing his mistaken life, the rich man finally considers someone other than himself when he asks for Lazarus to go warn his brothers.
But a funny thing happened on the way to the class war: The rich won, and the rest of the country hardly noticed.
Two powerhouses in the field of financial education - The Rich Dad Company and Whitney Information Network, Inc.
This pseudo-naivete, or whatever it is, gives the book the air of exposing some hither-to unsuspected evil, namely that the rich have a lot of money, that they manage to keep it by hiring good tax lawyers, that they have more power than other Americans because they contribute to campaigns, own newspapers, and set up philanthropic organizations to retain power over money that would otherwise go to the government.
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