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SANTA CLARITA -- As Santa Clarita continues its evolution from suburb to urban city, two theater aficionados are determined to bring Broadway to the valley.
Wolfe's The Colored Museum was preceded by almost twenty years by another black satirical revue, Hip, Black, and Angry (1968), produced by Roger Furman's Harlem company The New Heritage Repertory Theater.
It's difficult to get African Americans to show up at theaters and watch plays," said Aaron Freeman, a longtime Chicago actor and improviser who is black.
In addition to local and a few Lebanese plays, the school theater availed itself of translated plays from French and occasionally from Turkish or English.
And when her theater is open, Roth hopes to work with the BID and the other neighboring theaters to create a central ticket booth for the local shows.
Access Digital Theatres, All Star Entertainment, AMC Theatres, Amherst Cinema Art Center, Ashbrie Cinemas, Atlantic Theaters, Atlas Cinemas, Brooklyn Academy of Music, Bryn Mawr Movie Theatre Co.
It seems there is always a stage lit somewhere in the San Fernando Valley, so if you find yourself without plans on a Saturday night, walk around your neighborhood and check out a local theater for entertainment.
Thus, some view it as a thinly veiled effort to assuage white guilt in the name of progress and believe that the practice limits the number of black-authored plays produced by white theaters, whose display of progressiveness favors the casting of people of color in the same Euro-American canon that has traditionally been their programming staple.
The new complex will include historic elements of the renowned Harris, Liberty and Empire Theaters, which will be combined with new construction to create approximately 332,735 square feet of entertainment, retail and restaurant space.
an agency recently established by Chicago Community Trust to plan and erect a state-of-the-art theater for dance in this city, also has arranged a 1994 Spring Festival of Dance at three local venues.
The crystal clear images presented with the Dolby Digital Cinema system are a tremendous enhancement for our patrons," said Rob Kurrus, President of Premiere Theaters L.
This neighborhood is great because there are so many small theaters doing such good work.