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THEOCRACY. A species of government which claims to be immediately directed by God.
     2. La religion qui, dans l'antiquite, s'associa souvent au despotisms, pour regner. par son bras ou a son ombrage, a quelquefois tents de regner seule. Clest ce qu'elle appelait le regne de Dieu, la thiocratie. Matter, De l'influence des Moeurs sur les lois, et de l'influence dos Lois sur les moeurs, 189. Religion, which in former times, frequently associated itself with despotism, to reign, by its power, or under its shadow, has sometimes attempted to reign alone, and this she has called the reign of God, theocracy.

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Yet he crafted a more nuanced theopolitics than the ethics of a just civil war for emancipation of the Unitarians or the righteous war for freedom of Puritan John Brown.
At any rate don't we weep and pray not for weakness but for alternative power--not a God who will do our work for us [though a holy housewife might be nice for a change] but for the inspiration to resist the theopolitics of violation, to insist upon a shared power of transformation?
In this revision of her doctoral dissertation, Rashkover argues that in the Jewish and Christian traditions, the theologies of Franz Rosenzweig (1886-1929) and Karl Barth (1886-1968) can serve as role models for a nonfanatic theopolitics.