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Yet, he finds the source of the antinomy of epistemological realism-antirealism in the theory of ideas of early modern philosophy, while he persists in assigning the responsibility for the "fantasies" of metaphysical realism to Aristotle's "metaphysical essentialism.
In addition to these, the variety of topics critically discussed include the Third Meditation proof for God's existence, the Third Meditation introduction of Descartes's theory of ideas, the Cartesian Circle, the Fourth Meditation account of will and judgment, the Fifth Meditation proof for God's existence, the Sixth Meditation argument for the real distinction between mind and body, the Sixth Meditation proof for the external world, and, to wrap it all up, a controversial (and interesting) account of the aim of the Meditations.
Reale's book is divided into four parts respectively entitled: The Essential Methodological Groundwork; The Second Voyage and the Two Levels of Plato's Metaphysics; The Structural Connections between the Theory of Ideas and the Protology; and The Doctrine of the Demiurgic Intelligence and its Relations with the Protology.
The theory of ideas found especially in the Meditations is his attempt at a solution, an attempt that the Hausmans contend is useful today.
Cherniss's classic paper ("The Philosophical Economy of the Theory of Ideas," in Plato.