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No current evidence indicates therapeutic touch accelerates wound healing.
After assessing clients, RNs on the unit can then incorporate therapeutic touch as part of the plan of care for appropriate clients and it would be provided as part of the overall plan of nursing care for those clients.
The purpose of this investigation was to explore the experience and impact of providing and receiving Therapeutic Touch treatments on nurses working in oncology and respiratory nursing.
Joseph's 4,500-square-foot emergency department has offered four holistic practices to patients over the past two years: music therapy (in the form of musicians who walk the common areas playing handheld harps), therapeutic touch (which he likens to hand massage), Pranic Healing therapy (a no-touch Asian energy work to cleanse the prana, or lifeforce), and aromatherapy.
It's difficult to forecast revenues," he said, "but we had the history of Therapeutic Touch.
The quality of the therapeutic touch for treatment of the fluid system of the body is "fluid specific.
In a similar manner, Brown reviews energy medicine techniques, such as Reiki and therapeutic touch, which also have non-Christian origins and have been marketed to be, at various times, Christian or part of mainstream medicine.
The issue becomes critical in the area of therapeutic touch, Gartlan said.
From the therapeutic touch of our skilled massage therapists, to age-defying benefits of our Pure MD[R] facials, our day spa is one of the best ways for mom to fully relax and focus on her personal well-being.
Some believe internal organs adjust to the sensory input of a therapeutic touch, and other theories include the possibility that reflexology releases endorphins and encephalins - the body's natural painkillers.
Keywords: boundaries, decision-making models, ethical principles, therapeutic touch
The nursing staff has been trained in therapeutic touch for pain control.

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