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In thermodynamic equilibrium, the population distribution of the i-th level, [N.
Ramaswamy, "Modeling biomass gasification using thermodynamic equilibrium approach," Applied Biochemistry and Biotechnology, vol.
On the correction to Saha's formula for small deviations from thermodynamic equilibrium.
It is because the measurements were misinterpreted using the erroneous assumption that soil samples reach thermodynamic equilibrium in pressure cell apparatus.
Each chemical structure has its own thermodynamic equilibrium state, toward which it ages.
If the clouds maintain thermodynamic equilibrium with their surroundings at the lower temperature inferred from the new data, the material must concentrate in thin sheet, Smith says.
Her work resulted in confirmation that dust condensation around Asymptotic Giant Branch (AGB) stars follows the predicted thermodynamic equilibrium pathway.
So far, the understanding of the physics of magnetism, including its dynamics, has only been achieved for systems close to their thermodynamic equilibrium.
Some studies suggest that in the case of thermodynamic equilibrium, it is observed that there is no change at the macroscopic level; however, some changes took place on the microscopic level.
Thermodynamic modelling of the real processes is based on the assumption of the achievement of total thermodynamic equilibrium in the system, which is not always possible in practice.
In an non-isothermal state, we may still have local thermodynamic equilibrium everywhere.
of Hull and adds chapters on phase transitions and thermodynamic equilibrium and stability, the mathematical property of the concavity of the entropy, and black hole thermodynamics.