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In Thomas Hardy and Empire: The Representation of Imperial Themes in the Work of Thomas Hardy (2012) Jane Bownas divides her study into five chapters: "Colonies and Colonizers; Roman Invaders: The Rise and Fall of Imperial Powers," "The Dynasts: Hardy and the Napoleonic Wars," "The Primitive and the Civilized: Pagans and Colonizers in Woodland and Heath," and "The Crossing of Boundaries: Race, Class and Gender as Articulated Categories.
The Achievement of Thomas Hardy, edited by Phillip Mallett, 41-57.
Yn syml iawn, dewisodd Tony waith Thomas Hardy yn hytrach na chlasur Cymreig, am fod galw amdani.
With Ethan Caouette, Joey Andrade, Thomas Hardy, Molly Evans, Ashley Beck, Andrew L.
Exploring The Times archive, we see Thomas Hardy in his own time, and his work as judged in relation to contemporaneous literary and moral values.
Thomas Hardy is one of the finest literary craftsmen in the English language.
Terry Wright's Thomas Hardy on Screen is among the latest in this series, tackling one of the most notoriously difficult writers to translate into the medium of film.
The Baker case makes a good story but more could have been said to establish the wider case put so much more powerfully by Thomas Hardy in Tess of the d'Urbervilles.
There's a lovely 20-minute walk across fields to the church, which I thought if we all did it, it would be reminiscent of a scene from a Thomas Hardy novel.
But I can at least claim or confess to having committed biography in the past--long-term with Thomas Hardy, more flirtatiously with Browning, Tennyson, Henry James, William Faulkner, and Robert Louis Stevenson.
When Pound belatedly discovered the book in 1941, it came as something of a revelation: Here was the Wessex of Thomas Hardy hallucinated into a dreamscape whose fragmented cadences recalled the prose of Joyce, Wyndham Lewis, or Celine.
30pm, Hartlepool Town Hall Theatre stages Two Victorian Tales, a gripping one-man dramatisation of two classic stories by two of the greatest authors of the 19th Century ( The Signalman by Charles Dickens and The Three Strangers by Thomas Hardy.