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At the moment I have to leave Thomas Hardy Court to catch a bus at 8am to visit my friends so that I can eat.
He has published on Tom Stoppard, presents regularly on late-Victorian adventure fiction, and is a former member of the Thomas Hardy Society.
Yma y daeth Thomas Hardy yn bensaer ifanc ym 1870 i wneud cynlluniau i adfer yr hen eglwys oedd mewn cyflwr torcalonnus.
Hardy also corresponds with the British humorist Sir Max Beerbohm, whose famous caricatures include Asquith ("Ex Forti Dulcedo," 1920), King George V (from whom Hardy received the Order of Merit), and a noticeably curmudgeonly Thomas Hardy himself (1926).
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Created by internationally known sculptor and University of Oregon grad Thomas Hardy, the sculpture was a centerpiece of the Park Blocks when the county created them in 1959 on a piece of land that was part of the town's courthouse square in the 1800s.
Exploring The Times archive, we see Thomas Hardy in his own time, and his work as judged in relation to contemporaneous literary and moral values.
New Bond girl Gemma Arterton (above) takes the title role in this lavish adaptation of the Thomas Hardy classic.
THOMAS HARDY, in common with many great writers, harvested his life for his art.
A sale of approximately 3,000 books held in Dorset, UK, including works written by Charles Dickens, Thomas Hardy and Anthony Trollope, has raised GBP100,000.
The Baker case makes a good story but more could have been said to establish the wider case put so much more powerfully by Thomas Hardy in Tess of the d'Urbervilles.
There's a lovely 20-minute walk across fields to the church, which I thought if we all did it, it would be reminiscent of a scene from a Thomas Hardy novel.