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Our ability to take this in-house, implement it, and see benefits fairly quickly at a pretty low cost made us realize that XBRL is real and can really help," Thomas Hood said.
In your shell-like, for instance, meaning to have a quiet word with someone, has its origins in Bianca's Dream by Thomas Hood who wrote in 1827: "Her small and shell-like ear.
As well as the Saxton maps, and the famous Armada charts, Ryther also engraved many other sea and coastal charts, and two polar projections of the constellations, drawn by Thomas Hood.
Minor poets might be deliberately un-original (certainly authors like Symonds and the early Thomas Hood deploy echoes of Keats in order to grant themselves cultural authority).
MY sister and I are looking for any descendants of Thomas Hood, who left Scotland to live in England about mid-1840s.
The first editors were Henry Mayhew, Mark Lemon, and Joseph Stirling Coyne, and early members of the staff included the authors William Makepeace Thackeray and Thomas Hood and the illustrator-cartoonists John Leech and Sir John Tenniel.
Hamilton Reynolds and Thomas Hood, Dyer charts its approach to
In "A Midsummer Night's Dream," the role of the imagination comes into sharper focus when compared to interpretations of the play by Mary's brother Charles and his poet-friend, Thomas Hood.
Any sense of Hogg using his sermons to get even with an unappreciative literary elite is more than balanced out by the earlier piece on 'Good Breeding', which deals not with nameless 'reviewers', but with old friends - Walter Scott, Allan Cunningham, Thomas Hood, John Hamilton Reynolds, Theodore Hook, and George Cruikshank.
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