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While consultations with mental health care providers may benefit or "treat" many people, systemically mental health treatments have more in common with behavior modification and thought control than with normal medical practices.
The skullcap developed by Jose Millan at the Dalle Molle Institute for Perceptual Artificial Intelligence in Martigny, Switzerland, marks a major step forward on previous attempts to use electrodes on the skin for thought control.
I find it absurd that the people who most often and most loudly protest American foreign policy are themselves from countries with the most serious human rights abuses, state-run media and thought control, domestic corruption, economic lopsidedness, and miserable foreign policies.
Ideological correctness, the suppression of dissent, and salvation through thought control and governmental fiat are the new orders of the day.
Healthy Living" will also include segments on spiritual insights such as the use in prayer in healing and thought control.
media have been transformed from organizations that once transmitted genuine news and information into a massive propaganda cartel rapidly becoming as Orwellian as any of the thought control apparatuses of the worst Fascist and Communist regimes.
The American people are not children to be protected by Big Brother Thought Control government.